Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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  1. So in my last post I mentioned how much we enjoyed playing our first game of Maurice and I am hoping to get a few photos that John took to post, hopefully.

    As many of you know times have been tough for many of us. Another consideration is that with the numbers of gamers we have regularly attend and the huge number of WSS units we currently have I am thinning out my War of Spanish Succession armies. Greg and I have talked about this for a while and given what we perceive as the number of units per player for Maurice we have come to the conclusion that we may currently have too many toys in our collections. John is building WSS armies and one of our other gamers is also building so I don't think we will ever be short of figures. I believe Greg will be posting some of his excellently painted figures on his own blog in the near future. I too will be posting some photos of the units I will be willing to part with. My figures are very nicely painted but not to the expert level of Greg's. Then again mine are cheaper as a result. LOL

    I have still not begun painting but I hope to change that this weekend by spending a little time dabbling with a brush.

    Greg just inventoried his unpainted SYW which has made me start to look at mine again. A little over a year ago I had gone through all of my SYW and organized them into 18 man units for Might and Reason. Greg and I had thought we were going to use the larger unit size as seen in many of the blogs, mostly from the Australian and New Zealander gamers. A great plan until we played Maurice! As there are several of us building armies we all decided that all of our units will be 4 stands of 6 figures to better match both sets of the rules. I guess all of that work will have to be done again. While the idea of 18 figure units for units is still appealing I have to say it will be easier to paint up 24 figure units as that would then equal 1 Maurice unit and 2 Might and Reason units. Quicker vs. painting up a total of 32 figures to create the same number of units. I will try to get that inventory done this weekend also.