Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here is an attempted recap of the game from May.

Our last monthly game here was a success.  We played our second game of Maurice and it went well.  Eight of us were in attendance with 6 playing and Greg and I helping out with the rules.   Realizing that there are limitations with the number of players with the games current edition players 5 and 6 were a flanking force located on one side of a river that split the battlefield into 1/3 and 2/3s.  Players 1,2,3 and 4 deployed on the larger portion of the battlefield.  We had Rob, Jim, and Steve as the generals for the French/Bavarian army and Daniel, Mark and John as the generals for the League of Augsburg/Grand Alliance side.    As we were playing War of Spanish Succession we didn't place many woods and similar disrupting terrain as we were not playing with any light infantry.  Each side placed random hills on the table.   We allocated 8 to 10 infantry, 3 to 4 cavalry and 1 artillery battery per player and then instead of adding extra units to the attacking side (we decided on 2) we had the defenders take off 2 infantry units.  This was done as even using right at 18 feet of the 20 foot table things were still looking a little cramped.   More about that later.   Daniel and Rob faced off as the flanking battle on the other side of the river while Jim went against Mark and Steve against John.

Daniel and Rob pretty much fought to a draw on the river flank.  Jim and Mark had a nip and tuck battle going on in the center with Mark being able to play one of the that's not on the map cards to disrupt Jim's attack which stabilized the center of the League of Augsburg/Grand Alliance side.  Steve was able to attack with the Bavarians and through a combination of good luck and die rolls (Steve) and some poor luck and die rolls (John) was pushing the British contingent back.

We called the game about 3PM due to a few of the players having family commitments later in the day.  At that time both armies only had 3 army morale points left.   The attackers (French/Bavarians) were poised to break through on their left center and may have been able to capture the objective if the game had gone longer, providing the army morale held.  

Our next game will be a WWI aircraft game that Jim will be running.  I will post photos afterwards.
Until next time.  Bill

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