Thursday, June 6, 2013

I had all of the best intentions of posting just after our last game in May.  It was our second playing of Maurice and once again we enjoyed it and will most likely use this set of rules from time to time.  I had started the hoped for post and saved it to come back to later and being new to the whole blog thing I seem to have lost it!  In a nut shell we had 6 players, using 3 decks of cards.  Yep, I know this set of rules doesn't really intend for more than 4 players.  Our way around that was to have a river dividing the table about one third of the distance in from one of the flanks.  Each set of players used their own deck of cards.  That seemed to work our well.  My lost entry had more details of the game and I will post more on that later if I have the time.  In the mean time I will attach some poor photos I took with my phone.

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