Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Tuesday morning, here at least.  I clicked the odometer over for another year and while getting older is not cracked up to be great things are looking good.

I spent the past week or so pulling out terrain pieces and either repairing, making new and even finding some long lost pieces.

The first motivation to update terrain pieces came from a huge set of purchases from the national model rail road convention that was held here a couple of weekends ago.  Anyone with a sharp eye will see that not only did I purchase additional terrain items, shown on the left, but also some HOn3 narrow gauge equipment and buildings for the model railroad that is tucked away in boxes.   That may change....

I then pulled out some "Christmas" trees that I picked up fairly cheap at the local Home Depot DYI.
As they are all flocked with "snow" I had to touch of 60 odd of them up with a highlight of dry/wet brushed spring green.   I added those to 20 I had done a few years ago.  Work in progress followed by all of the completed trees.

I decided to complete these trees as we have been playing a fair amount of skirmish type games and some of my existing nice trees get in the way and sometimes become casualties.   These trees should take any amount of fire and survive.


My long lost shore battery and star fort for our sailing ship games.  Shown with one of my Valiant ships.  We use Ship of the Line rules and have a great time when we play these.   It might be time to think about putting one of these games on in the near future.

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