Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh WOW!  That only took numerous reboots and goodness knows what else to finally get the photo to load!  So any way....on with the show.

The piece in the rear of the photo represents a bog or marsh type area.  This started as a 30 year old Kibri Model Rail Road accessory that I have carted around for all of that time.  I glued it to a blue piece of foam, added tufts of grass and a coat of artist gloss medium to make the shine of the "water" pop a little more.

The large piece on the bottom left started out as another Model Rail Road accessory that I picked up within the past year.   This represents an impassable patch of rough ground if used for the "That's not on the Map" card or a patch of rough terrain if used as regular terrain.  I glued this one to a thin piece of craft wood and then cut irregular edges to it with a saw.   I then glued rocks, additional grass tufts and misc. to.

The third piece on the right is actually a small pond that I picked but from the Most Honorable Howard Whitehouse some 20 plus years ago at the first or second HMGS Midsouth Wargamers Reunion held in Tennessee.  Here all I did was add tufts of grass, old wood and a fresh coat of gloss medium for the water

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